BEE – Star Label Testing


We provide the testing facility to check the performance and energy efficiency of the product. For the process of check testing, BEE would conduct random sampling in the market and would check any one models from the market.In case first model fails, BEE would check another two samples of the same model from the market and would keep them for witness testing. The user of the label would be informed about the failure and would be asked to witness the second testing.

In case, user of label is not able to provide sample for the 2nd check testing, then check testing of the first sample shall be treated as final and shall be binding on the User of the label. In case the two samples collected for second test also fail, IAME shall direct the permittee, under intimation to all the State Designated Agencies, that the permittee within a period of two months shall-

i) Correct the star level displayed on the label of the product or remove the defects and deficiencies found during testing;
ii) Withdraw all the stocks from the market to comply with the directions of the Bureau; and
iii) Change the particulars displayed on advertising material.

BEE will publish, for the benefit of the consumers, the name of any permittee, brand name, model name or model number, logo and other specification in any national or regional daily newspaper and in any electronic or in any other manner as it deems fit within two months.